On Friday, President Trump issued an executive order that has resulted in the exclusion of a large part of our extended human family from this (rather big, prosperous) chunk of borrowed land. Many will say that this order is a matter of national security, and others will fire back that it is an act of blatant xenophobia, or the fulfillment of a campaign promise. Different eyes will see different truths, but the most basic truth of the situation is that there are many people who are no longer allowed into the United States. So, as we become increasingly obsessed with building walls and closing borders, I think it is important to reflect on the lives and stories that are shut out.

I have mentioned the research project that I embarked on last summer to examine the role of the global, ecumenical Church in the refugee crisis. There is a lot that I learned from that project which I have not yet shared, and a handful of stories that need to be told. In my next posts I will endeavor to share my limited and evolving understanding of some aspects of the refugee crisis, my place in it, and that of the Church.

For now I am praying for these walls to come tumbling down.


3 thoughts on “walls

  1. People like you and the work you are pursuing give me some hope that our world is not a lost cause. Please keep going and sharing what you are discovering.


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