Sept 4, 2016

I walked about 16 miles total today (a lot of it back and forth in San Vicente de la Barquera, the city where I stayed last night), and about 14 on the trail. Tonight I’m staying in an albergue in Colombres, just 2 kilometers inside the Asturias region of Spain. My feet don’t feel good, but it was a beautiful day for hiking.
Every day as I walk, I plan to pray, reflect, and work on memorizing favorite pieces of literature. Right now I’m just through the first section of Tintern Abbey by Wordsworth. My creative writing professor impressed on me how enriching it can be to learn literature, especially poetry, by heart and I’ve done by best, but so far I have only a little to show for it. With all of this time in my head, I think I can memorize a good chunk before I reach Santiago.
I saw God in simple ways today through some easy, cheesy metaphors on the trail, but I’ll spare you. To put it simply, I can see that this journey will challenge me to build my perseverance, my patience, my flexibility, and hopefully some other important things too. Callouses, certainly. By Santiago I hope that I will have a deeper connection with God and a clearer understanding of my calling to love and serve people.

Enough words, here are some pretty pictures from the trail so far:


This is one of the markers on the ground that shows me I’m not lost (yet). More often they are just spray painted yellow arrows on signs, polls, walls, etc.


I’m mostly hiking through farmland when I’m not passing through villages or cities.


Low tide


High tide





One thought on “Sept 4, 2016

  1. Did you sit at an inlet for a whole tide cycle? That’s a lot of patience I’m really proud also why did you do that the fans (me) want to know


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