preparing for the walk

In a few days, I will begin my pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Beginning in Comillas, I will walk along the coast until I reach Oviedo. Then I will cross to the “Original Way” through the Cantabrian mountains and finish in Santiago de Compostela. If I can stay on schedule, the total distance will be around 300 miles and I will walk for 21 days. Later I’ll share more about the history of the Camino and my reasons for walking.

I’ve chosen to create this blog as a place to express my thoughts over the next few weeks and perhaps afterwards, including my term abroad in the UK. My reflections will likely include my day-to-day experiences, lessons learned along the trail, thoughts on faith and social justice, and possibly some creative writing. You are invited to be in conversation with me via halfway as I walk.



4 thoughts on “preparing for the walk

  1. Your journey and what you plan to achieve by the end of it is so inspiring. This is the motivation I need to start learning my favorite pieces by heart. Good luck on your pilgrimage; I’m interested to follow along and learn as you do!

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